Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Challenge No. 8 : Repurpose It!!

We always look forward to Tuesdays and announcing our new theme for the week so here's our challenge this week:
 "Repurpose It!!"
A great recycling challenge this week - let's be friendly to the environment!
The idea is to use a recycled item on your creation - lots of scope here!
Examples: bottle tops, packaging, even old buttons & boxes - the list is endless!
As always we encourage you to check our simple rules page.
Now for some inspiration using some of the great designs available at the Etsy Store.
Alicia using some old buttons:

Tracey made her butterfly from an old cola can - very ingenious!
Nikki using food packaging (the netting) - I love this - looks very effective!
Sharon using several items - one is the "Happy Birthday" ribbon, beads from an old earring & old lace.


Okay we only had a couple of entries last week so we would love to see lots more this week! Remember you have the change to win images from the store!!

And there is a great special on at the Etsy Store so what better excuse to pop over - grab an image or 2 & get creating & linking up here to show us!

Remember to let us know what your recycled item is!!!


  1. Super cute design team samples. Thanks for the "repurpose it" challenge. It was fun to play!

  2. Hope my repurposed craft failure (explained in my blog post) that was headed for the trash counts for your challenge. :)
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com